Friday, 5 June 2009

Urban Decay Haul

I decided to add to my collection of Urban Decay eyeshadows, and that I did!
I ended up buying 7.. Ha. To justify it to myself they are all lovely colours and I got a mix of matte and shimmer finishes to keep me busy.
Below are pictures of them in the pots, the named label, the swatch and their finish:

What do you think of the colours I got?
I'll be using these for my FOTD for a while to try them all out, wooo

Monday, 1 June 2009


So as I explained in my In & Out post yesterday, I'm still suffering from stained nails - so I'm steering clear of the dark polishes for a wee while till it's cleared up and so I opted for this neutral colour by E.L.F
I also decided to chop off my nails last night.. so I'm feelng a little naked at the moment haha but I'd rather have strong healthy nails rather than having them in the state they were in - sniff.
I applied two coats of a base beforehand and then it took two coats for the E.L.F polish to be even and streak free. This is the shade Nude - it does what it says on the tin and for £1.50 I can't complain! I really want to try more colours from them as I think for what you pay, it's definitely worth it and the bottles are just so cute aha

A little bit too safe for me, so I may change this in a few days or do some konading on top? Hmm..
What nail base does everyone use? I need to protect my poor nails better from now on!