Thursday, 23 April 2009

Surprise haul; woohoo

Okay, so the haul i spoke about previously has been totally eclipsed by something even grander - no complaints from me 
I happened to fall into some money and just.. well.. thank the make up lord!
Today my letterbox and doorbell have been put to good use and various things have been arriving throughout the day. It's not even half of it.. ha!

So onto the goodies..
First and foremost I wanted to try out Konad.  As soon as I heard about it, I wanted it. So I ordered iTuesday night. I got the Double Stamper and Scraper (£4):

Large Special Nail Polish in Black and White (£4 each):

The image plate holder (£2):

Crystal rhinestones; 50 pieces (£2): 

I got plate M59:

Plate M56:

And plate M57:

This was obviously the one I had to try first! I decided to go with the zebra print design to begin with as I already had Barry M's 304 Mint Green applied and figured that it would be a good combination..

I should never have thought the konad was as easy as the woman in the advert shows.. pffffft
First hand i did...... what.. a.. disaster! I know the packaging said to be quick with the steps, but seriously, give a girl a chance!
Not only did i not get the timing right, I had failed to set up efficiently with cloths, wipes and nail polish remover. Lesson learned. Black polish is a sucker to get off!
So this is a picture of my other hand, sliiiightly better - but still lots of room to improve. 

I bought all my konad items from their website - I ordered on Tuesday night and they arrived today - which wasn't bad going at all! They charge £3, regardless of the weight - so you may as well get everything you fancy! I will definitely be ordering more in the future (i have my eye on the casino plate and also the fruit one hehe) but for now I am happy with my 3 plates to practice with. I can see a new obsession forming in the style of nail art.. BUGGER

I also ordered some samples from Lily Lilo to try out, i got 2 of their cover up correctors:

I wanted to try the green concealer for the pure fact I always have rosey cheeks and it drives me mad! I hate it so bad. So I wanted to see how this would work out for me. I also got Peepo because I know that more yellow/orange colour concealers help for our under eye circles. I'll have to see how these fair though, i've never tried mineral concealers and I don't want to get my hopes up just yet!

I decided to try two of their blushes (i know i just said i hate the redness of my cheeks.. but a blush in a pot is different to the blush i produce myself haha) in their cool range

I definitely will be trying more, but from their warm range next - either cheeky cheeky or sweet cheeks - i need a good coral blush people!

To shake things up a bit I got two of their foundation shades. First one being candy cane - this is from the cool range they offer.

I also got porcelain and this is in the neutral category - i'm thinking this may be too light for me, but I figured I can always use it as a concealer. A definitely advantage of only buying a 99p sample!

Last but not least, i thought i'd see what their finishing powders were like - i got mine in normal - translucent silk

I bought all these from - the blushes and concealers come in the little bags and those cost 49p each. The foundations and set powder come in a little jar with 0.75g of product and those are 99p each.
Their postage charges are as follows:
Orders weighing up to 50g
Orders weighing 51g – 200g
Orders weighing 201g+
Orders weighing up to 50g 
Orders weighing 51g – 200g 
Orders weighing 201g+
Rest of the World 
Orders weighing up to 50g 
Orders weighing 51g – 200g 
Orders weighing 201g+

Thennnn, i got my PedEgg i ordered from Ebay - now i can get my feet ready for summer! Especially with my Konad, my feet won't know what's hit 'em!

I also did some shopping at

Both dresses were £15 each! What a steal! I have the original bandeau dress of these in 3 different colours and counting. If you find a dress you love, you may as well get it in all the colours i say!
I managed to find a discount code and bagged myself 10% off my entire. All you need to do is abbreviate the month to three letters and add in the date with a zero at the beginning. So if you were to order today you would put APR023 - i've just double checked this on their site and it works! Little tip for you all!

And finallyyyyyy my order from Evans came. So excited about this one!

This lovely snake bangle was £7 - i HAD to have it. I have another i bought from Evans that i pretty much wear everyday that I bought months ago - so i knew i'd love this one too!

I also got this eyelash (£20) vest and i was a little dubious to begin with, but now that i have it - it's amazing! I have about 13566119 pairs of fake eyelashes, so this is a very good top for me haha

I also got some other little bits and bobs: underwear and some grey leggings. Every girl always needs more of these right!
I believe they're offering 20% off everything at the moment until Monday 27th - which will definitely help those purse strings!

Phew! I wish i could say I don't have anything else coming.. but oh boy. Yes i do, haha. Still to come is mac, twilightedness, eyeko, ASOS, paint cosmetics, glamourdolleyes, everyday minerals, benefit, stila, urban decay and hard candy. oops?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

First blog post!

I've been reading blogs for so long now, that i thought i should give it a go myself really.
I'm an addict with the best of them and I thought another blogger out there couldn't hurt, so here we are! I thought blogging would be a great way to get to know other ladies out there who have the same passion as me and it looks like it's a lot of fun!
Seeing as this is my first blog post, i better introduce myself...

I'm Lauren and I've only recently turned 21 - I love anything purple and animal print. But who doesn't?! I always seem to get tattoo's done at milestone's in my life - I will one day be covered.. oh dear. (I'm surprised i don't have a lipstick tattooed on me or something... now THAT is an idea, hmmmmmm) I love all things to do with make up and beauty - I often get referred to as Becky Bloomwood? I take that as a compliment though; she's got a killer collection *swoons*
Most of my friends and family just don't get the whole make up and beauty thing. I'm sure there's plenty of you out there who will though! And thank god, i need to be around my sorta people ha
I'll be sharing the products in my collection, things that I buy and also giving my opinions on them. I love swapping tips and reviews with people and this is one of the best ways to do so!
So I'd love to hear from you. Yes.. YOU!

Now that my introduction is out of the way, I have a haul ready that I want to share with you - so get ready for that! 
Can't wait for the fun to begin