Thursday, 30 July 2009

E.L.F Studio Purchases

So I got my order of e.l.f's studio line this morning and was so excited - I just wanted to show you what I got! Once I've had time to properly use them, I'll be able to give a better opinion on them. I only got a few bits, where are:

Complexion Perfection

Eyebrow Kit in Medium

Contour Brush - this is exactly the right size I wanted it to be and it is lovely and soft. Am hoping there won't be any shedding!

Complexion Brush - once again, this is really soft and can't wait to see how it holds up under use and washing

And as a little extra, I added one of their regular nail polishes into my order - Moonlight. This is one of the new shades on the website and this colour is lovely! Can't wait to try it out - will show if off in a NOTD soon

What have you lovely ladies gotten from the Studio Line?

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  1. The first one reminds me of a product by Givenchy so much!XX