Friday, 15 May 2009

Blog Buys!

I have been slightly naughty with my spending before payday.. however it is all justifiable! Or at least I like to think so? Hmm..

Anyways, I've managed to bag myself some nice (nearly) new pieces of make up and saved some money off the price I would have paid in store. I know some people might be a bit iffy about buying someone else's make up - people do worry about germs! But these items were either brand new, swatched once or only used a couple of times. It's a win win for me and the seller at the end of the day; they get rid of something they didn't want anymore and with the money they make, they can buy something they genuinely will use. And I get make up that is useable for me and at a discount no less! Woohoo!
The ladies I've dealt with have been lovely, been so kind and have given great communication - not like some people you can get off ebay! 
From this first time experience, I know I will continue to look out for future blog sales and hopefully get more lovely make up to add to my collection  :)

These are the two items I got from Marcia -

This is MAC's Breath of Plum - it's a sheer tone blush and oh my.. I love it! The pigmentation is great and it's the perfect pink for me. It's got the right under tones for my skin and doesn't make me look like a doll! The colour's buildable for the days that I feel more daring, but this is now my staple bush for everyday. So glad that I have this now, yay

She was also kind enough to throw in a Prestige Skin Loving Minerals blush for free. This is in 02 - natural; a great peachy gold with shimmer. It's meant to be similar to MAC's MSF Refined and seeing as I have Perfect Topping from sugarsweet, I feel more complete now that I have this as well, aha. This will be great for the coming summer months and I can't wait to use it.

Bottom: Breath of Plum         Top: 02 Natural

I then bought two things from Gabriela -

When I opened my parcel, I was so shocked. There were 5 things in there, not just 2! On twitter she had mentioned she was going to send something extra.. but I didn't think it would be anything like this:

TWO Nails Inc polishes?! Not only that, but I've been waiting to buy a coral polish for aaaages and she has made that one less thing for me to do. This will be a definite for my next NOTD  :)

She also sent me a Body Shop Body Butter and mmmmmm this is gorgeous! Anything that allows me to pamper myself is always going to put a smile on my face and that is exactly what Gabriela has done. I have never been shown such generosity from someone I've never met before. It makes me feel lucky that these people are real!

So back onto what I actually bought:

This is Henna eyeshadow from the BBR collection. It looks like an olive green in the pan, but once on the skin it is more of an antique gold (hence the name of my FOTD name!) - which I think is beautiful. It is useable during the day, as well as at night - I don't think the shimmers are overbearing at all. So glad I got my mits on this one, mwaha

I finally have Vanilla pigment! Hooraaaahhh. I know I'll be able to put this to good use and has been my highlighter since I got it.. LOVE! The picture really doesn't do it justice, but I understand now why most people have this in their collection

Bottom: Henna        Top: Vanilla pigment

I am so glad I did these blog buys - I have no regrets AT ALL and all the the items were in the condition they were described. All I have to say is: Don't diss it until you've tried it! Ha

What's your experience been like with any blog buys you've done?


  1. Great haul! love those prestige minerals! xx