Friday, 29 May 2009

Minzi's Package #1 and #2

Finally, I have gotten around to posting the lovely things that Minzi sent me. I've just been having so much fun trying everything out! I'll post the pictures and some swatches, so you can get a better idea of the products

She managed to get me some lovely bits from NYX, this is one of the trio's and it's number 28. Love all 3 colours, I will be able to create a lovely look using these!

This is Number 08 and this too has all the colours I need to make a great look - will be posting pics of this one soon.

She also got me 2 of the jumbo pencils - in Black Bean and Milk. I love them so much I've already bought more and have more on the way; they're just so creamy! And from the Loreal HIP range she got me a colour rich cream crayon - this green colour is so intense but you can't really see in the picture!

Also from Loreal HIP, she got me a Cream Shadow Pain in Secretive - this has been a great base when doing light neutral eyes! I've never seen anything like the pigment shadow stick before and this colour is SO me. I've been using this with my Barry M dazzle dust 88. The HIP liner? I don't see how I lived without this before! Just amazing.

From Wet N Wild, Minzi got me loads of cool things! The 2 liners are a great addition to my collection and both are colours I always wear. The H2O liner really is waterproof for the most part! The Confetti is so cute, you can never have too much glitter! She also got me a bronzer and the formulation of this is just so soft and easy to apply.

This is Wet N Wild's Glassy Gloss in 319A Beige Baby - a lovely beige colour with subtle shimmers

This is one of Wet N Wild's mega mixers and it's in Electric Lemonade - this stuff smells good enough to eat!

This is another of Wet N Wild's Glassy Gloss' in 310 Candy Glaze - a gorgeous barbie pink with neon glitters in!

The ULTA eyeshadow was a lovely surprise - because I'd been looking for a colour like this for a while. This has had so much use out of it already! Minzi said that the Luminous blush by Milani was a good dupe for NARS' Orgasm - so I'm very happy to have this instead. The colour is gorgeous and I've been wearing this one a lot too!

She also sent me 2 cute lip balm's.. these make me so happy! The tin's are adorablee, we don't have anything like this over here in the UK - booooo

As well as all of that, she managed to get me the Cover Girl lash blast mascara, NYX lipstick in Power and Sinful nail polish!
Just wow.. She really is a miracle worker with what she managed to do within our budget

Doing this swap with Minzi was just so much fun and she knows how much she's cheered me up by doing this with me!
I just want to say thanks again to you and I can't wait to do another one later on in the year with you!



  1. Its all so pretty!
    I wish we had NYX in the UK though!

  2. Nice. I am a horrible blogger / swapper as I have not posted. I still will...I love everything.

    I did not forget about the receipt. I am sending you something with it. Its just been crazy here, my daughter is getting ready for graduation but I will get this out to you. I love your blog. You are such a doll Lauren.

  3. Don't worry about it, I know you get busy! I'm following your blog on here though, so i'll see it when you get time to do it
    I told you not to stress :)
    Aw, tell her congratulations from me! You really don't have to send anything else.. you are too kind Minzi!
    I wont lie.. I am excited though aha

  4. Ooo what lovely goodies :)

    I'm new to your blog, so HI! I am loving your posts though, and your photos are brilliant, what camera do you use?

    x x x

  5. thanks, glad you like it! it's a fujifilm S7000 and i just make sure i use macro for the close ups x