Sunday, 17 May 2009

Glamour Doll Eye Shadows Review

Last month I managed to come across a little gem in the brand that is 'Glamour Doll Eyes'. From browsing their website I was impressed with the cute little packaging, their good colour selection and by the fact they offer free samples with every order! Now.. who doesn't love little freebies? 
At the time of purchasing from them, I didn't have a lot to spend but I figured seeing as this was a new brand to me, I didn't want to be spending a lot on something I wasn't sure about.
In the end I bought 1 sample in a jar and that only came to $3.50 - the jar comes with .6 gram of product and this is enough to get a good few uses out of it so you can properly decide whether or not you like it. 

I ended up choosing Chocoholic, as I'd been looking for a good staple brown pigment for everyday looks:

I ordered on the 22nd April and I got dispatch confirmation on 5th May. I received my sample on the 8th May, so all in all shipping from the US to the UK that's pretty good. Plus I didn't have to pay for shipping! They kindly offer free shipping on sample orders; bonus. 

In with my order were 2 little business sized cards with their contact details and a little note explaining that if I decide I like Chocoholic so much so, that I buy the full sized jar they will gladly take off the $3.50 I paid for the sample against the cost of the full size jar - which is usually $8. I think that is an even bigger incentive to buy from them - at least this way if you buy a sample first to try, you will end up paying only $4.50 for the full size! Bargain!

As stated on their website, I received two free samples in Electric Lemonade and Shamrock. These are two colours I wouldn't necessarily have chosen for myself, but they are such fun that I know I can do a look using these. 

So here are the swatches of the 3 eye shadows:

I applied UDPP beforehand so I could see them at their full potential and wow.. they have such great pigmentation! I am loving their consistency and finish that they have. This is a brand I know I will be buying from again in the future and I just HAVE to get the full sized Chocoholic - just look at it! Good enough to eat aha. 

They offer free shipping for all orders over $30 and their products are made to order - to ensure you receive fresh eye shadows - which is just another reason why I love them.

If you want to see a look using these lovely eye shadows, let me know!

Visit and see what you think   :)


  1. I kept debating whether or not to buy some of their products, but now I think I'm going to buy a couple of things from Glammor Doll Eyes.

  2. glad i could help lovely, let me know what you get if you decide to get anything :)