Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Lily Lolo; Review

Since I've had my samples from Lily Lolo, I've been dying to let you know what I think and show you some results. But I made sure I waited to give them a proper trial run so that I could review them fairly.
After about a month of using them, I think that time has come! 
So the first product of theirs to look into, is their cover up in Peep-O (49p for 1/4 teaspoon in ziploc bag). This is a matte yellow toned concealer, which is perfect for covering up those dark under eye circles. This is the before picture:

So as you can see, there is slight discolouration under my eyes, but not an awful lot - I still have sleepless nights due to children to come! Oh dear.. haha. Anyways, this is just to show how my skin looked before I applied anything.

And this is after applying the concealer. You can see that the pinky undertones have been disguised, but I have to be honest and say that this is my least favourite product of theirs that I tried. I feel like it was just TOO powdery and overwhelming for such a delicate area. However I will try using this again, just with more moisturiser beforehand. This picture was taken before any other powders were put on top, so you can see the true outcome of this concealer. Once I applied my normal powder, you couldn't see the yellow anymore, which is good to hear!

Next up, is their other matte cover up concealer - Blush Away (49p for 1/4 teaspoon in ziploc bag). This is a green toned concealer and counteracts redness in the skin i.e blemishes, rosacea and sunburn:

One of the big problems I face with my skin, is that my cheeks are very red. It is as much embarassing as it is annoying! Other products that I've tried to counteract this problem have left me looking like I've either piled my make up on with a trowel, or my skin looks patchy and uneven with tell tale red patches showing through. This means I find it really hard to carry blush off properly, because the canvas underneath isn't all the same colour. This picture is also before anything else was applied - just fresh clean skin!

I am so happy with this product, it's ridiculous! For once, my skin looks.. normal! I would be quite happy to wear this just on it's own with a powder, that's how impressed I am with the results. I will definitely be buying the full sized jar (£7) as I cannot be without this gem from now on! I am now confident enough to wear all my lovely blushes and feel that it looks even in colour and quite presentable - expect some FOTD featuring those! My new daily routine, is to apply my foundation as normal and then dust Blush Away over the areas that need it. After that, I apply my setting powder and I'm ready to go. No tell tale signs showing through and it has great lasting power for nights out too! No touch ups required; bonus.

Okay, so next I want to look at the 2 foundations and the 1 finishing powder I bought from Lily Lolo (all 99p for 0.75g in 5ml jar) :

As you can see from the pic, Candy Cane got ruled out immediately just for the fact it is no where near my skin tone! Porcelain was actually a near exact match - I hadn't even buffed this into the skin either! I think I may purchase the full sized jar and at £12 I think it really is worth it. The finishing powder was also lovely - it really did finish off my look and helped to ensure that I wasn't adding more coloured powder to my face when I needed to powder my nose. It kept me looking fresh and helped the staying power of my foundation.

Finally I want to look at 2 of their blushes that I tried (both 49p for 1/4 teaspoon in ziploc bag):

Doll Face is more of a peach on my fair skin and Rosebud is more of a true pink. Both blushes are easy to apply and blend; the colours are also easily buildable. I will definitely be ordering more of their blush samples to try, especially since they have various new summer shades recently launched! For 49p a sample, it's easy to find shades for your skin tone.

Overall, I'm really pleased with what Lily Lolo has to offer and with what they deliver. I only paid a £1 for postage and I received my items pretty quickly because they send it out first class via Royal Mail. Their products do not contain parabens, fragrances or fillers and they do not test on animals - which is always good to hear! They ship internationally, so that everyone has a chance to enjoy Lily Lolo and I definitely recommend their products to everyone, as you are sure to find something to suit you.

What products from Lily Lolo have you got and liked?


  1. Great review! I am so glad you mentioned blush away, my skin is exactly the same, I always go so red especially If I'm tired or out drinking! I bought the little tester but I hadn't worked out how to use it without covering my face in it. Also it's a bit tricky getting a kabuki brush into a tiny tester bag! So thanks for the review, it was very useful, I'm going to follow your routine for applying it and hope it works for my red face! :) xx

  2. I quite like their foundations, but I'm still not completely sold on mineral powders!