Monday, 18 May 2009


Today I decided to use one of the Nails Inc polishes that Gabriela sent - Coral. I am loving this as a summer colour! It's not exactly the best weather outside.. but who cares? If summer won't stick around, I might as well bring the summer to me!

These were completely opaque in two coats and this is a picture (without flash):

I decided to leave off the Konad today and just enjoy the polish as it is, seeing as it is so gorgeous! I may spruce it up in a few days though - we shall see haha.

What's your summer nail colour going to be?


  1. Is the nails inc good quality? I've been thinking of trying them. But i'm usually very picky when it comes to nail polish :D

  2. well I like them! they're really quite thick and this bright colour was completely opaque in two coats. i've still got this polish on now and i painted them sunday night, there are a few chips but overall it's still going strong! hope that helps :)