Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MAC haul

I have been snowed under with parcels arriving; trying things out and enjoying pampering myself with all these goodies. Hence the delay for this post!
Now is the time though and with many more posts to come :) As you can see below.. my poor postman struggled on this ONE day.. ahem. He officially hates me now, after a week of my parcel delivering!

Thought I'd start with the glorious mac first..
Surprisingly, I'd never tried Fix+ but seeing as I'd only heard good things about it, I decided I would try it for myself to see. It has various uses, which was a definite appeal but I didn't want to wait for the Rose Romance rose scented version! I have used it everyday after finishing my make up and I love the look it gives me - it ensures I don' look like a cakey mess and helps me to look more fresh faced. Amazing! Especially when summers right around the corner and looking too made up is a no-no!
I also treated myself (and my poor brushes) to the brush cleanser - I was using far too many baby wipes to spot clean in between washing them, so thought I might as well just suck it up and spend the £7 odd. So far, I am seeing a massive difference in my brushes - so I am pleased that I got this. They are a lot softer, smell better and they dry quicker! Woohoo
Another staple item I hadn't purchased before was the Prep and Prime Skin - I have used this everyday since i bought it and it is another amazing product! It helps smooth out the texture of my skin, calm any redness and generally helps the application and staying power of my foundation. A part of me is now thinking, I should have opted for the Primer with the SPF50.. lesson learned though. I will just have to apply sun cream as well, which isn't so much of a big deal.

I hadn't managed to get anything from the Hello Kitty collection when it came out and was really wanting to get the Pink Fish lip conditioner - alas, it was one of the big hits and it was sold out online. I ended up getting Popster instead, which isn't so much my colour but I have found a way to wear it!

I decided to try it with GOSH's darling underneath and this is the result!

I actually really liked the way this turned out, it is definitely more wearable for me than it is on it's own and it gives the Darling a more pop of pink - which is lovely! It is also buildable, for the days when i want to be more daring!

I also got two of the mineralize eye shadow duo's from the Antiquitease collection and am in the process of collecting more.. oh deaaaar. It is love i tell you!
So i got earthly riches: 

This is SO gorgeous and a definite must have for any girl that loves purple.. oh my. 
So far I've only managed to take a picture when using more of the dark grey side (I keep getting so excited by my purple eyeshadow when it's on that I forget to take a photo!) so when I manage to calm down I will take a photo to show you

It is a lovely wearable neutral and will be good for work :)

I also got the Family Silver duo and this too is lovely

I've been using this a lot lately with the dark grey from Earthly Riches and this is how it came out:

This is a very quick and easy look and I am loving it, what do you think?

Lot's more to show still.. I'm just trying to space it all out for you! Not only is there the stuff I've bought, but there's also a YouTube swap and makeupalley (hopefully) to come :)


  1. Those eyeshadows look sooo pretty!

  2. they are lovely! you should definitely get some if you haven't :)