Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Faux Makeover

Oh my.. 
The other night I found a site and have been having so much fun on it, you wouldn't believe!
It's an online website that allows you to virtually make over yourself in a number of different ways, including: whitening your teeth, plumping your lips, thinning your eyebrows, getting coloured contacts and changing your hair in both colour and style - plus many more!

So onto the fun part! Pictures!

This is me as I am normally, just with blue eyes. This totally freaked me out though.. haha. I've never seen myself without green eyes! It's a cheap and easy way to see if I'd suit blue eyes and I think overall the contacts look pretty life-like? 

Ha. Okay. So this time I thought I wanted to change my hair.. Blonde bob? Liiiiiiittle bit of a change there! It would have worked SO much better if I'd have used a picture with all my hair off my face, but lesson learned. I also whitened my teeth, plumped my lips a little, added blush, eyeshadow, false lashes and liner. Plus I wanted to see what I'd look like with brown eyes.. Tada!

Hmm.. This is definitely more of an overdone look aha. I plumped my lips to the maximum they would go and this is what they would look like - I don't think I need any lip fillers! Haha. I also thinned my eyebrows out to the maximum and this just made them look drawn on to be honest. I kept my own hair, but opted for the blue eyes again. I also added false lashes, liner and shadow. Plus I tried out a different coloured foundation. Overall I just look over done and fake.. Boooo

Now, the other good thing about this site is that when you apply something to your face, it actually lets you know what brand and colour it is etc. This way you can virtually try before you buy! It's quite an innovative way to see what does and doesn't suit you. Whether it be that particular hair cut you've been umming and aahing over, if your foundation shade really is your true match, would you suit more shaped brows or even if you are just curious to see what you'd look like if ________ !

If this is something you fancy trying out just go to   www.taaz.com

So, should I go through with any of the changes I did on myself?
What looks have you managed to come up with for you?   

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