Thursday, 21 May 2009

NYX Lippies; swatches

Okay, so today I decided to show you the NYX round lipsticks that I have, and what they look like on. On their website the swatches they provide aren't necessarily true to life. So a lot of the time it's trial and error. For us Brits, that can be a real pain because we can't even go to look at them in store to get a better idea.
So, I figured why not just post pictures of the swatches - then you can make a more informed decision when choosing the right colours for you. 
The have 143 different shades available in the round lipstick collection.. so that decision can be very hard!
For $3.50 you get 4g/0.14oz, which isn't bad at all! There are other websites though, that sell them for £1.25 a piece!

I really like the packaging, it's not half as bad as some of the ones you get with cheaper brands. It's easy to keep clean and I love that underneath there is a clear section showing you the lipstick inside. Handy if you store your lipsticks upright!
The smell the lipstick has isn't so much of a problem for me, I've smelt worse haha. You really can't smell it once it's on your lips though - so it won't be off putting when wearing it, at all.
The texture of these is the thing I love most about them, they are just SO creamy. I've paid more for lipsticks that do the opposite and completely dry out my lips, which is never a good look! With these, I feel as though they're looking after my lips whilst they're on there. Sorted! 

I apologise in advance, we had crap weather today (as usual) and it was sunny one minute, cloudy the next and then raining! Sighh. Anyways, onto the the pictures!

This is Celene 534; this is a lovely metallic light bronze colour and is one of the lighter shades I have

This is Creamy Beige 552; pretty much what the name suggests!

This is Cinnamon Sugar 567; this is a gorgeous brown, with a red undertone to it

This is Summerlove 617; such a great pink shade - this is a great day colour for me

This is Tea Rose 628; this is more of an intense berry pink

This is Power 629; this is one of my favourites - a fantastic lavender colour for the summer!

This is Pumkin Pie 630; a great light coral shade - another one for summer

So seeing as the weather wasn't helping, I took a picture of them all on my hand. Hope this is better!

What's your favourite NYX lipstick? I want more, so give me your recommendations   :)

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