Sunday, 31 May 2009

In & Out #3


- The weather! It's been lovely for the past 3 days and counting, I now have my fans at the ready because I detest being hot, so I can keep cool on days like these
- Stretching my ears up to a 0g, zebra print plugs on the way - woo!
- Trying to be more of a Yes Girl; so I can get out of this social rut I'm in
- Lily Lolo Blush Away, oh how I love you
- Finally having Sam's bands EP up, so I can listen to it over and over: - not everyone's cuppa tea which is fair enough, but I'm very proud of him all the same!
- Getting the garden sorted, so my neighbour's will stop poking their nose in pfft

- Wearing dark colours on my nails, they need a breather due to all the staining. Bring on the lighter shades!
- Not getting a full refund on the shadows bought from a youtuber.. I dislike stubborn people especially when they're in the wrong
- Too much fizzy pop, my body needs waterwaterwater
- My minky doggy who will be getting bathed later - she won't stop rolling in the grass every time she goes out aha
- Cherry vaseline.. Yes Yes Yes! Oui Oui Oui! all the way baby

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  1. :) we need to do an ins and outs on my bloggy :) xx