Saturday, 16 May 2009

DIY Depotting

So... I decided to try my hand at depotting some eyeshadows for the first time last week. The outcome? 3/4 eyeshadows survived.. *sniff*
It was a very sad day in my home, the illegal Urban Decay eyeshadow just didn't make it - oh noes. I've kept it though and am planning to re press it, so i'll post pics when i get around to doing it.
I depotted only Urban Decay eyeshadows this time, which were: Urb, Vapor, Illegal and Big Bang
I used an empty E.L.F. quad i'd bought and for £1.50 this was a great way for me to try out this depotting malarky, without having to shell out a bomb on a larger palette.

This is them in the quad all pretty:

I just need to find some magnet stuff to stick underneath the pans and then I'll be able to take it out with me and show it off. I definitely feel more confident doing this now and I think only having 1 of the shadows die a crumbly death was quite a victory, woohoo

So, do I dare progress onto my beloved MAC stuff? Hmm.. 


  1. I depotted my MAC Femme Fi eyeshadow. It took some doing and the pans rather bent (oops) but it's in the palette ok.

  2. oh bugger :( the trouble we go through eh? haha