Monday, 18 May 2009

FOTD; Mint Chocolate

This morning I had the urge to do a look using my new Glamour Doll Eye Shadows to see what I could come up with.
I only used 2 of the colours for this look, which were Chocoholic and Shamrock. I still need to incorporate Electric Lemonade into a look of mine.. so i'll keep you posted!
I applied UDPP first and I packed on the colour Shamrock all over my lid - this was really easy to apply and I didn't get any fall out; score! I then used Chocoholic as my crease colour and blended upwards to my brow bone. As soon I was done and I looked in the mirror I had a massive craving for mint choc chip ice cream.. I wonder why? Hmm...

I brought some of the Chocoholic underneath the outer corner of my lash line to intensify the eyes and starred out my tear duct with a white liner. I was debating whether or not to put false lashes on, but I really think it would have detracted away from the lovely green!

As you can see I tried to create quite a sharp edge with the shadow, just to give it a bit more oomph! I then placed white liner next to this edge to make it stand out even more and then I slightly blended it downwards. I used MAC's vanilla pigment as my highlight as I don't have another good highlight colours yet - I need to work on that, otherwise this is the only pigment you will ever see me use aha

So this was the finished look! All in all I'm happy with how this turned out. I don't usually use greens so much on my eyes, just because my eyes are green and I know people say you shouldn't necessarily use your eye colour in a shadow? However, I think this made the look what it is; Mint Chocolate! It just wouldn't be the same if my eyes were any other colour.
This isn't meant to be an everyday look, I was just enjoying experimenting with my new shadows  :)   This would be great for a night out and espeically for Paddy's day next year - 'Shamrock' is THE colour to use

I've just ordered myself the full sized jar of Chocoholic, so I don't have to worry about using up my sample now, phew. Plus with the samples I get with this order, I'll be able to show you all more swatches and looks I come up with those!

Today for my foundation I used my Lily Lilo foundation in Porcelain and on my cheeks I used Everyday Minerals blush in Soft Touch (full review on both brands coming up soon). 



  1. Absolutely gorgeous - the green really suits you :)

  2. thanks lovely :)
    i'm usually more of a purple sort of girl, so it's surprised me!