Sunday, 24 May 2009

In & Out #2

- Finding out just how good a calzone is. Who knew?
- Payday was on friday and being able to relax for a while about money
- I won another competition this week?! I now have the Eyeko shopper!
- Knocking Sam out on UFC in 5 seconds, even though he's been playing it all weekend. I think his male ego is dented, ha!
- Having Ben & Jade round and having so much fun. Pics may be added at a later date of jager shots!
- Hearing Sam's band play finally and loving it. So proud of him
- Not worrying about my freckles showing, I'd rather be natural than cakey anyday!

- My poor nails are stained, I need a good base so they can clear up!
- Having problems with my wisdom tooth, whilst not having a dentist. Bugger
- Getting my 2 eyeshadows from a youtuber and being completely smashed, booo. I hate paypal disputes :(
- Finding out my scan results
- My milk carton legs! I need a tan - real or fake - sharpish!

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